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19 April - 30 April 2018

Please note that these are but a few of my delightful memories of Israel! Some of the places on the itinerary I have been to and others I am hugely excited to make more memories with you in Israel! WooooHoooo!

On Thursday the 19th of April we meet at OR Tambo International! And our Retreat to the Holy Land of Israel begins! Gifts will be handed out. :-)

Megan was getting married! In Bali!

However, due to the circumstance at the time of our invitation, we declined. So when I woke up on a Tuesday morning, 4 days before the wedding, with an enormous tugging in my heart to be there, I just knew that I had to work a plan. And work a plan I did. I'll skip all the chaotic details of the frantic packing but 24 hrs later we were on a shiny big plane to Bali 24!

According to human needs psychology, people do what they do for six reasons, six human needs that everyone needs to fulfil.