Stella Upneck


Welcome to my Life Coach Page.

Recently I enrolled in a Life Plan Project and created a 'house' on paper. In this house, there were several rooms and each room in the house had a name. There was a room called Values, another one called Vision, one for Choices and one for Future. When I came to the room called 'Love & Relationships' I was inspired to make an extension to my house and add on a wing called "Life Coach". 

This room was built with you in mind.

Do you have rooms in the house of your life that you would like to decorate differently by adding some new colours of joy and enthusiasm? Do you just want to add a sprinkling of stars to an already beautiful room?  

However, you choose to build and grow, I would be honoured to walk through the planning process and the journey with you and I will take delight in the opportunity. I believe that my way of Life Coaching is an art form which can give us so much scope and courage to try out the colours of life best suited to each individual's taste and needs. 

Together we can extend your home with a new excitement or help build your business with fresh energy!

Thank you for visiting with me here and I look forward to hearing from you.

Stella Upneck