What about Relationship & Life Coach Stella Upneck?

Meaningful & joyful relationships are at the very core of who I am.  I met Russell, my darling sweetheart, at age 13 and 42 years later we are still doing life together. In our 37 years of marriage we have had many tough challenges, tragedies and also great happiness, but our passion and love for each other continues to grow. We have worked together in business for most of these years as well and still do with great pleasure!

I enjoy wonderful relationships with my 4 grown up children, my son-in-law & my daughter in-law and my 3 grandsons. I am privileged to call my children my friends and I am grateful to have learned so much about life with them through all the ups and downs of growing up. They often talk about Mom’s ‘gold nuggets’, which are little gems of wisdom that I have accumulated on this magnificent journey of life with my most dear relationships. I may still write them all down for a book too.

My friends in my home town of Ballito (SA) and around the world are extensions of deeply satisfying relationships and I greatly appreciate them. They are the beautiful colours on the palette of my life, adding a rich quality to the portrait of Stella Upneck.

My training with Robbins Madanes Coaching School is a natural progression of my zest for love, life and relationships. The Strategic Intervention Method has revolutionised my life to the point of creating this website and a new dynamic season of Life & Relationship Coaching has only just begun.

There is much more to the ‘Story of Stella’ and I would love to hear your story too! So please, let’s connect to explore relationships in your life that can be transformed and enjoyed to the full and beyond.

With love, joy and anticipation,

Stella Upneck.

“To create a relationship with anyone, you need to have trust. Trust is formed when you have direct, open communication and when you offer something of yourself to the other party. And trust is the currency of good working relationships – ultimately, you want to transform a disengaged member of your audience into someone who not only believes in the product or service you offer but openly recommends you to others.” -Brendah Nyakudya http://www.contentcandy.co.za